Jumpstart Your Rainmaking : Speaking Programs

Rainmaking for Accounting & Finance Professionals

“Rainmaking” refers to the process of bringing in new business, almost by magic, since it may not be readily apparent how it’s done. In reality, rainmaking is not magic, and it takes a lot of hard work. It is a learned skill that is often not taught in our profession. This program provides proven tactics to those specifically in accounting and finance to develop a sales plan that will lead to sales (rain).

Speaking for Business Professionals

Most people have a huge fear of public speaking. Yet, in accounting and finance, most of us need to be able to present to groups on occasion. As such, we need to come across as confident, sincere, and knowledgeable. This program shares tips on how to present information to small groups-including clients and colleagues, as well as how to prepare for a larger group setting (i.e. presenting a technical CPE topic).

Each of the programs above can be tailored to fit an hour-long presentation or a more detailed and interactive workshop. Please connect with me to learn how I can assist!

Beyond the Staff Handbook: Soft Skills Training

Also the title of my upcoming book, this program is everything a young accounting professional needs to know about her first few years on the job but is afraid to ask. (Let’s face it, even if you ask, very few people will give you the “real scoop.”) It covers real life scenarios dealing with such issues as working onsite at a client location, networking (within and outside the firm), understanding firm economics (and where you fit in the mix), and dressing for success, among others.

Customized Training for Your Firm

We started Jumpstart Your Rainmaking as one hour “lunch and learn” sessions, designed for CPA firms and law firms. But we soon realized that participants wanted much more than just an hour, and their supervisors wanted them to have more than the introductory session.

Any of the current course offerings listed above can also be taught in small group sessions. They are often customized to meet each of our clients’ individual needs. Contact us to find out more!

Accountants & Financial Professionals

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Sign up for our Rainmaking Webinar Series “Jumpstart your Rainmaking.” With over 20 years of experience in building practices, Miles Consulting Group founder, Monika Miles, shares her proven strategies.

Client Testimonials

  • “As an attorney building a solo tax law practice and balancing the marketing, substantive and administrative aspects of my practice, it’s sometimes easy to get off track and not have a systematic plan around my marketing efforts. I’ve participated in many “rainmaking” seminars and worked with various coaches. I strongly recommend Monika’s Jumpstart Your Rainmaking program. I found her webinar series very useful as it provided a very practical approach (and worthwhile tools) to assist me with refining and maintain my plan around my networking and pipeline building. I found Monika’s insights particularly helpful because they were enhanced by the knowledge she has gained building up and marketing her state tax consulting practice.”

    —Harry-Todd Astrov, Astrov P.C.

  • “Thanks to Monika for her easy sales building pipeline plan! It was so great to be a part of a webinar that included my event planning industry. Her Rainmaking webinar makes it possible to take immediate action in using her program no matter the business—be it IT professionals, realtors, accountants, and attorneys. Thanks Monika to making me look good at our company!”

    —Donna Renee, General Manager, California Special Occasions

  • “As a CPA, it can be difficult to focus on networking throughout the year since we have busy seasons that keep us tied more to the office. But Monika’s Jumpstart Your Rainmaking webinar series gave me some realistic ways to keep focused on the networking during the whole year. I particularly appreciated her “touch calculator” which breaks down the number of face to face meetings I should plan for during a month in order to stay on track with building my referral base. Jumpstart is a great program for accountants, attorneys and other professionals.”

    —Chris Young, CPA, Partner, Petrinovich Pugh & Company LLP

  • “I really enjoy Monika’s enthusiasm for rainmaking and her easy to follow 5-step process. She breaks down the process for building a network and generating business into bite-size pieces that are easy to understand and to put into action. Even though I’ve been selling real estate for a long time, I took away several gems from the 3 part webinar series. I recommend it for anyone who needs to sell their professional services.”

    —Mario Ramirez, Real Estate Broker, Silicon Valley Real Estate/Keller Williams

  • “Monika is a wonderful instructor and she does just that! Instructs! I got so much information from this presentation and so many questions answered, in a format that did not put me to sleep, but helped me do my job as a CPA better.”

    —“How to Avoid or Navigate a Sales Tax Audit” participant

  • “My big takeaway was the actual implementation of the plan with the worksheets. I finally see that I can achieve my own Rainmaking vision. This was a very valuable series and I am very excited about the future. Monika’s delivery was clear, warm, and friendly. She made it easy to see where I am and where I want to be.”

    —“Jumpstart Your Rainmaking”—3-part webinar series participant

  • “As business owners we enjoyed participating in Monika’s recent webinar series. She provided practical tips and useful tools to take our rainmaking activities to the next level. I recommend Monika and the webinar series for professionals selling themselves and their services. It was definitely time (and money) well spent.”

    —Adrienne Wong, Partner, TeamLogic IT

  • “Monika has developed and delivered a program for our mid-level accounting staff to introduce the concept of engaging in the networking process early in their careers so that they will be more comfortable with the sales of professional services as they progress. She worked with us to customize different curriculum for our staff at varying levels. Her interactive presentations and real life experiences as a CPA selling professional services have been well received by our millennial staff members and the partner group alike. She “gets it” and we enjoy having her be part of our team in delivering this training. In fact, we’ve hired her again to do a follow up program.”

    —Virna Lisa McCloskey, Partner, HKG, LLP