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3 Ways High-Tax States Are Fighting Federal Tax Reform

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What do you think of these states’ proposals to counteract federal tax reform?

As this year’s federal tax reform begins to come into play, high-tax states like California, New York, New Jersey and Maryland are coming up with ways to work around it, “reworking their tax codes to ease residents’ pain from new limits to federal deductions for state, local and property taxes,” as CNBC explains.

How are legislators in these states fighting against the tax reform? Three states – New Jersey, Connecticut and New York – are taking the matter to court, suing the federal government over it. That’s not all high-tax states are doing, though. Here are a few additional ways some state legislatures are proposing to counteract some of the new measures.

In California: Donate to the California Excellence Fund

In response to the $10,000 cap on property, state and local income tax (SALT) deductions, California Senate leader de Leon introduced a bill allowing the residents to pay some state taxes to the California Excellence Fund, a state nonprofit. This would let them deduct their charitable contribution on their federal tax return. The idea is that the taxpayer would pay the first $10,000 of their SALT taxes as normal, and then contribute the remaining amount to the fund as a donation, thereby making their entire SALT taxes deductible. For more information, check out this recent blog post. Continue reading

The Good & Bad of the New Tax Reform: How California’s Affected

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How does the federal tax reform affect California? This blog post explains.

The beginning of the year marks the start of many new things: a new year, new business goals and new federal tax reform. What do the changes in tax law mean for California companies – especially in Silicon Valley?

In The Daily Journal, Carl Guardino (CEO of the Silicon Valley Leadership Group) likened the latest tax reform to the 1960s western, “The Good, the Bad and the Ugly” – and for good reason. While there are some changes that will benefit corporations, others will likely make it difficult for businesses in the area.

Are these changes considered ‘good, bad and ugly’ throughout the entire state, all the way down to Southern California? Keep reading to find out how this year’s federal tax reform will affect corporations in Silicon Valley as well as Southern California.

‘The Good’ of Federal Tax Reform

One big change to the latest tax reform is corporations seeing tax rates slashed; instead of paying 35 percent, they’ll only need to pay 21 percent. Also, companies making profits overseas will only be subject to taxes based on where the sales are made, eliminating an additional tax they’ve been paying in years prior. As you can imagine, these changes will make a big difference for many companies in the area. It also makes U.S. businesses more competitive with the global innovation economy, an important field for many Silicon Valley enterprises. Continue reading