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Technology and Manufacturing

From our office in the heart of Silicon Valley, Miles Consulting serves clients in various technology sectors, including software, cloud-based (SaaS), biotech, telecom, and networking. Client services include nexus reviews (multi-state income, franchise, and sales/use taxes), taxability studies, audit assistance, navigating e-commerce rules, tax credit reviews, and due diligence analysis in purchase transactions. In addition to our proven processes for tax credits, Miles Consulting provides concise, easy-to-understand state tax assistance. Many of our technology clients are start-ups and can’t afford a “50 state study.” Often they don’t need one! We tailor each project to provide the answers that our clients need to know today—for filing purposes, for financial reporting purposes, and for peace of mind as they expand. We provide both summary and detailed analysis in order to meet the needs of our clients and we make every effort to take the confusion out of dealing with the various states and their taxes. Our job is to put the analysis in plain language so our clients can do what they are paid to do—grow their businesses and maximize shareholder value.

Our technology and manufacturing clients have ranged from the Fortune 10 to small-cap businesses and everything in between. Oftentimes, our multi-state tax projects include those where the client has a need but not enough staff or they involve projects requiring specialized state tax knowledge that may not exist in-house. Miles Consulting is capable of working with virtually all functions inside a business in order to facilitate completion of the project and we are also available to train in-house staff.

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M & A Diagnostic

Growing technology companies often expand their businesses into multiple states shortly after inception. This could lead to sales tax, income tax and capital tax exposure if nexus and taxability analysis is not performed. Such exposure might hinder M & A opportunities.

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Retailers (On-Line or Brick and Mortar)

Miles Consulting assists retailers in understanding and navigating the rules related to online sales. As the states continue to lose revenue because of a shrinking tax base (i.e.; the nontaxable nature of electronic downloads or digital media in many states), there is a flurry of activity at both the individual state and federal levels to recapture some of that lost sales tax revenue. We work with our clients to help determine nexus and taxability with respect to their activities and products/services. And we keep them abreast of the changes (and proposed changes) to on-line retail rules, as well as the nuances of retail in general, including the taxability of drop shipments, the maintenance of exemption certificates and resale certificates, and online marketplaces.

On-line transactions in multiple states?

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Miles Consulting has historically worked with California financial institutions to secure the benefits of the Enterprise Zone (EZ) Net Interest Deduction for Lenders, and other EZ credits where applicable. Our proven process includes not only the identification and calculation of qualifying loans but also examination of loan documents to verify that the funds are appropriately utilized for purposes of the NID. For years, this methodology has provided our clients a sound level of assurance that what they are claiming on their tax return will satisfy the scrutiny of the Franchise Tax Board.

Our banking clients have ranged from small community banks (with assets of less than $200 million) to much larger regional banks (with assets in excess of several billion dollars).

Although the enterprise zones program has been repealed as of 12/31/13, the benefit is still available to banks that have either not claimed the deduction at all (for all open tax years), and for those that may have done it themselves and are unsure if they’ve maximized the deduction. Open tax years will include 2013, 2012, 2011 and 2010.

Leaving Money on the Table?

If you are a California financial institution and have not taken advantage of the EZ NID benefit for tax years 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013—

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EZ Loan Scoping

Most financial institutions lend into Enterprise Zones as part of their CRA requirements. Miles Consulting can identify loans that qualify for the deduction.


Miles Consulting assists construction industry clients mainly with multi-state tax credit consulting and credits and incentives reviews. Many times these engagements begin by examining past years’ unclaimed benefits. The construction industry also has unique rules when it comes to the sales tax ramifications of purchasing materials and resale of those materials, and we’ve assisted clients with that as well.

Our construction clients have included both regional and national companies—light and heavy construction.

Other Industries

Miles Consulting assists clients in such other industries as shipping, assembly, public utilities, professional services firms and others. These services range from multi-state income and sales/use tax analysis to California tax credits and are sometimes performed for affiliated professional services firms as a service to their clients.

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