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Monika as emcee of the 2014 “Making Strides Against Breast Cancer” Silicon Valley fundraiser.

My Passion for Speaking

Ever since the first time I heard a powerful keynote speaker deliver his message, I’ve been intrigued by those who are brave enough to get up in front of a room and teach, inspire and motivate. There’s a certain power in the room when a speaker can bring an audience to laughter, tears or personal reflection.

In the course of my 20+ year professional career, I’ve been speaking and teaching about multi-state tax topics for many years. While that topic may not be high on inspiration, I’ve developed a knack for taking a difficult subject and making it understandable. And my technical presentations delve into why the topic is important to the listener and how the information provided can really help them.

Once I realized that I was teaching, inspiring and motivating my audience about technical tax matters, it was apparent that there were other experiences that I could also share. Those things are even more impactful and inspirational in helping boost careers and professional aspirations. And that’s a motivation for me to share! In 2012, I graduated from the National Speaker’s Association’s year-long training program "Speaker’s Academy", and began formulating the "speaker side" of my business.

I have used my years of experience in business and growing a practice to develop programs aimed at helping my fellow accounting and financial professional colleagues to grow in their careers.

Here are a few:
  • Rainmaking for Accounting & Finance Professionals
    “Rainmaking” refers to the process of bringing in new business, almost by magic, since it may not be readily apparent how it’s done. In reality, rainmaking is not magic, and it takes a lot of hard work. It is a learned skill that is often not taught in our profession. This program provides proven tactics to those specifically in accounting and finance to develop a sales plan that will lead to sales (rain).
  • Beyond the Staff Handbook
    Also the title of my upcoming book, this program is everything a young accounting professional needs to know about her first few years on the job but is afraid to ask. (Let’s face it, even if you ask, very few people will give you the “real scoop.”) It covers real life scenarios dealing with such issues as working onsite at a client location, networking (within and outside the firm), understanding firm economics (and where you fit in the mix), and dressing for success, among others.
  • Speaking for Business Professionals
    Most people have a huge fear of public speaking. Yet, in accounting and finance, most of us need to be able to present to groups on occasion. As such, we need to come across as confident, sincere, and knowledgeable. This program shares tips on how to present information to small groups—including clients and colleagues, as well as how to prepare for a larger group setting (i.e. presenting a technical CPE topic).

Each of the programs above can be tailored to fit an hour-long presentation or a more detailed and interactive workshop. Please connect with me to learn how I can assist!


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